Rep. Vance McAllister (R-LA)

GOP House member says colleague was paid $1200 for vote

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Rep. Vance McAllister (R-LA) says a colleague was paid $1,200 in exchange for voting against a land bill.
Bribe corrupt politician

Obama TPP trade officials got hefty bonuses from Big Banks as “reward” for joining govt

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Obama TPP officials getting paid in advance for what? Protecting corporate interests on the government’s dime?
Obama's liaison to the methan and fracking industry, Heahter Zichal. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Thank You Street: Ex-Obama energy aide named to Board of methane giant Cheniere

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One more Obama official off to her reward — this time it’s Energy Dept. methane and fracking fan, Heather Zichal.
The Littles and the Bigs. Only one of these groups is visible to the public.

If there’s a War on Coal, Obama’s helping coal

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Obama has sold leases for 2 billion tons of coal, and is considering selling 10 billion more. Emissions, anyone?
From Fracking Fields, to Transportation, to LNG Processing, and then this. Methane leaks at every step in this process. (Source: ThinkProgress)

Another blow against methane: LNG is worse for climate than coal at real-world leakage rates, says Dept. of Energy

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The DoE gets its methane leak rates from industry. But outside measurement shows methane leaks like a sieve.
Evil enough for you? Or is the jury still out?

Apple & Google started wage-fixing cartel involving dozens of companies, over 1m employees

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Apple & Google have been illegally suppressing Silicon Valley wages for years. Still think they’re your friends?
Russian vigilantes kidnap and attack a young gay Russian they first stalked on a local social media site.

How Vladimir Putin sent “Brand Russia” into the toilet

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Vladimir Putin wanted the world to fear Russia, and it does. It fears the place is falling apart at the seams.

Lewis Black on the disaster that is the Sochi Olympics (video)

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“The only thing in Russia that’s more exposed than their corruption is their president’s nippples.”
The Olympics as viewed from the CEO luxury boxes (source)

Sochi may be “the most corrupt Olympics in history”

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Conservative cost estimate of Sochi Olympics is $51 billion, more than 400% higher than planned.

Coke Web site: “Not very classy” to ask questions about gay rights

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Coca-Cola’s “virtual agent” takes visible offense when asked about questions concerns gays and lesbians.
A Sochi "love toilet." Several of the bathrooms in Sochi have more than one toilet.

Russians built “Love Toilets” at Sochi Olympics

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For some odd reason, the Russians have put two toilets in each stall (not a joke). Mmm cozy!
A little love from the Emperor Nero

From 2011: “Numerous Chris Christie corruption scandals would re-emerge if he ran for president”

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Taking Christie’s chess piece off the table, is doable, but needs continued effort. His many scandals will help.

What if Chris Christie’s Bridgegate wasn’t about revenge, but rather money?

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Everyone is talking about “revenge,” but what if Bridgegate was actually about money?
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