Stephen Colbert weighs in on Star Wars lightsaber controversy (video)

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The promo teaser for the new Star Wars movie came out and primo Star Wars Stephen Colbert has weighed in on the controversy over the new lightsaber in the movie. You see, the saber ...

Stephen Colbert responds to #cancelcolbert campaign (video)

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It’s really not an apology. Colbert ends up mocking the mockers, and good for him.

How diversity could have saved Ezra Klein’s Vox a homophobic headache

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Vox finds itself in hot water over its hire of an opportunistically anti-gay writer who doesn’t even write well.

Coke re-airs “that” commercial during the Olympics, while Jon Stewart weighs in

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During the Olympics opening ceremony, Coca-Cola re-aired its “controversial” pro-diversity ad, featuring the song “America the Beautiful” sung in various languages, ...

Klingon, Dothraki cut from controversial Coke Super Bowl ad (funny video)

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Coke went through a lot of potential languages for its controversial multicultural Super Bowl commercial.

Barilla pasta kinda-sorta finally gets that bigotoni is bad for business

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Barilla will create a “diversity board” and promises “more diverse” advertising. Let’s what they really do.

Day 3 of AP’s ban on words “husband,” “wife” for legally-wed gays

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The AP isn’t backing down on its arbitrary decision not to recognize the legal marriages of gay couples.
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AP reporter: I won’t follow new anti-gay rule banning terms “husband” “wife”

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A lead AP reporter seems to indicate that he will not follow AP’s new separate-but-equal edict on gay marriages.
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