Jedi Kittens (video)

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These are from the same guy who did the special effects video I posted the other day.
John Oliver fireworks

John Oliver on “The Day of Colonial Aggression” (aka the 4th of July)

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“We in America love fireworks. Why? Well, because they’re like sparkly guns you can shoot in the sky.”

The Hobby Lobby case, explained by HBO’s John Oliver

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“Govt. is not an a la carte system where you can pick and choose based on your beliefs.”

Skunky Funkybuns (video)

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Chicago comic Dan Ronan died a few weeks ago, at the age of 24. This was one of his funniest routines.

British comedy: My Blackberry isn’t working (video)

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A wonderful skit from BBC One about a Blackberry that isn’t working, based on the word-play with the fruit.
Writer and comedian GottaLaff

The importance of comedy to progressive media

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Five Questions: Interview with writer, comedian GottaLaff of The Political Carnival, about comedy in politics.

A video inspired by the GOP congressman who said fetuses masturbate

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Rep. Burgess (R-TX) says he’s pro-life because fetuses masturbate, and some Second City comedians were inspired.
Amanda Bynes via flickr

America, please stop caring so much about Amanda Bynes (video)

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When I first saw so many people talking about Amanda Bynes, I said “who?” And now that I know, I care even less.

Stephen Colbert on Fox News’ obsession with Benghazi

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Fox to uncover how the administration blew Benghazi, when they blew it, and how they’ll continue to blow it.
Westboro Mingle Fred Phelps spoof

Westboro Mingle: Where hate and love come together (funny video)

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Ever wondered: What if Fred Phelps ran a dating service? Now you have your answer! Funny spoof of Fred Phelps.

How to Fight (seriously funny video)

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This is brilliant. It starts off serious, then quickly descends into serious comedy.
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