Stephen Colbert on the religious right’s Values Voters Summit

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Apparently the President lives at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue, and Bobby Jindal is confused about evolution.

Stephen Colbert on Rick Perry’s glamorous makeover (video)

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“‘Oops’ is also the rallying cry of anyone who gave money to the Perry campaign.”

Hillary one-ups squirrel RNC sent to harass her

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The Republicans sent a giant squirrel to chase Hillary on her book tour, so Hillary walked up and gave him a book.

Stephen Colbert: “I’m here, they’re queer, let’s talk about something else”

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Colbert weighs in on the gay marriage juggernaut, interviewing Prop 8 super-lawyers David Boies and Ted Olson.

Fox: Bergdahl guilty because he took ballet lessons as a kid

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Colbert: “Of course we want to get every American soldier back, but do we want to get EVERY soldier back?”

Colbert says the Taliban prisoner exchange is like Hitler’s pizza party (video)

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“It is a celebration that is also very troubling. Like a pizza party for Hitler’s birthday. Was it fun? Yes….”

Idaho’s insane GOP gubernatorial debate, covered by Colbert

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Interestingly, one of the two truly bizarre candidates ended up being pro-gay. In his own bizarre way.

Karl Rove thinks Hillary Clinton has brain damage, and Colbert is on it (video)

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“Hillary’s shown signs of mental frailty before. Just look at these pants she wore in the 1970s.”

Pope Francis says he’d baptize a Martian (video)

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I’m not ready to name Francis an honorary “amicus Theodora” just yet, but I am becoming increasingly Pope-curious.
Courtesy of the Satanic Temple.

Oklah. City Satanists raise $28k on Indiegogo for monument next to 10 Commandments

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This is what happens when you start permitting religious sculptures in a public place.
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