Willie Wonka Obama salute

You’re upset Obama saluted a soldier while holding a cup?

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I bet you must have howled when Bush sent thousands of them to die in an unnecessary war.

You know you’re an addict if…

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If you answer “yes” to more than 3 questions on this checklist you’re an addict, be it to coffee, tobacco…
Coffee via Shutterstock

New research: Coffee improves memory, alcohol not so much

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Studies suggest that coffee is even better than we thought for improving memory, and alcohol is even worse.

Oddly mesmerizing (and sensual) espresso-brewing video

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Trust me, this is far cooler than it sounds. Simply a slow-mo video of espresso being brewed, but wow.
Coffee and chocolate via Shutterstock

Good medical news about chocolate, coffee and tea

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Reductions in the incidences of heart attack, stroke and death from cardiovascular disease in chocolate-eaters.

How troops make coffee in Afghanistan

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Step One: Don’t get shot.
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