Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. a katz /

New CNN hire Corey Lewandowski refuses to say if signed contract banning criticism of Trump

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When asked if he signed a contract forbidding him from criticizing Trump, Lewandowski dodged the question.
Syria via Shutterestock

The West is using an accounting trick to ignore Saudi Arabia’s Syrian refugees

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Here’s how you make millions of refugees disappear in one easy step.
Bernie Sanders

CNN: Bernie Sanders could announce presidential run “within days”

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He would be the only progressive candidate to enter the 2016 contest

Islam didn’t kill Canadian Cpl. Nathan Cirillo — but it helped

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Is it just me, or does talking about religious violence feel an awful lot like talking about gun violence?

Stephen Colbert checks Magic 8 Ball, entrails, for news of Flight 370

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The Magic 8 Ball says “check in again later,” while Colbert waits for a report from correspondent Godot.

CNN’s Piers Morgan vilified for amazingly pro-transgender interview

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Morgan stepped into a minefield for doing what was actually an incredibly pro-trans, softball interview.
Marcus Luttrell, photo by  Larry D. Moore (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Loving the troops to death

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CNN’s Jake Tapper got blasted for expressing a legitimate concern about troops deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Video: CNN employee’s own mistake crashed Obamacare Web page

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CNN’s “expert” decided, bizarrely, to refresh the Obamacare Web page while his application was being processed.
Hillary Clinton, via Frontpage /

Why the Hillary Clinton documentary got canceled (and other questions)

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Charles Ferguson raises more questions than he answers about Hillary Clinton, Bill’s money, and CGI funding.

Wolf Blitzer unleashes Michele Bachmann’s inner crazy (video)

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Too bad the GOP isn’t as willing to stand up to Tea Partyers like Bachmann who are ruining the country.

Anderson Cooper explains “journalism” to a confused congressman

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Cooper: “This is the way it works in journalism, when you’re not on Fox News you get contentious interviews.”

Wolf Blitzer asks atheist Oklahoma tornado survivor “if she thanks the Lord”

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Blitzer: “You gotta thank the Lord, right? Do you thank the Lord?” Woman: “I, I… I’m actually an atheist.”

The Chicago Trib sent the Boston Globe pizza today, and a kind note

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In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, I think the media had a harder job than we give credit.
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