Janet Yellen with President Obama in the infamous black outfit.

Is it really appropriate for Roll Call to comment on Fed nominee Janet Yellen’s clothing?

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I’m just not convinced that men get their clothing choices scrutinized as heavily as women do, even today.
If we can see your belly button, the terrorists win. (Belly button via Shutterstock)

TSA is now the Belly-Button Police

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A woman says she was chastised by TSA for her belly button showing while putting her belt back on at security.
"Does this TSA agent make me look fat?" Carolina K. Smith MD / Shutterstock.com

Is TSA now the Nipple Police?

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A TSA agent at LAX reportedly tells a 15 y.o. girl to “cover up!” because he didn’t like her outfit.
nra-child's-bib featured

What every child needs, an NRA baby bib

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The NRA is now selling NRA baby bibs, and NRA t-shirts for kids as young as 18 months. They’re after your kids.
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