Global temperatures showing unusually warmer El Niño years and unusually cooler La Niña years

Climate warning: 2015 could be warmest year in recorded history

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Will record warming in 2015 blow climate deniers out of the water? A new prediction says yes. Batten down, folks.
Temperatures in the U.S. at 1000 ppm CO2.

Don’t believe the latest lie: There is no “pause” in global warming

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As we await a new UN report on climate change, the deniers are in full-blown “smoke and mirrors” mode.
Total heat content of deep ocean, shallow ocean, land, ice and atmosphere (1960–2012)

Climate change deniers are in full cry in anticipation of new UN report

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The climate deniers are now claiming there’s a global warming “pause.” They’re wrong, as usual. Here’s why.
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