Mueller testifies

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Now that Robert Mueller has testified before two congressional committees, where does impeachment stand, and more generally, where are we in the battle to hold Donald Trump responsible ...
Hurricane Irma video

Time-lapse video of Hurricane Irma rolling by Miami

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A neat time-lapse video of Hurricane Irma from Friday, September 8, 2017 at 3pm, to Monday, September 11 at 9am. With the election of Donald Trump, AMERICAblog’s independent journalism ...
Ted Cruz

“Ted Cruz & masturbation are not things you can take lightly”

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Family-values conservative Ted Cruz is embroiled in a Twitter sex scandal, while the nation reels from the after-effects of the second major hurricane to hit the US in the past month. ...
elon musk

Elon Musk, you said you weighed in with Trump on Climate. How’d that go?

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A number of us asked a few months back why self-professed do-good corporate execs like Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had signed up for Donald Trump’s “manufacturing council.” ...

Trump’s potential flip-flop on climate is good and bad

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My friend Greg Sargent at the Washington Post has a nice write-up of the latest news that Donald Trump may, or may not, be preparing to flip-flop on climate change. You’ll recall ...

Breitbart contributor says mass extinction via climate change isn’t a problem because of Jurassic Park

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He says he was joking, but a LOT of people agree with him.

This is not how the y-axis is supposed to work

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In which the National Review takes us on an adventure in Microsoft Excel.

What a climate deal in Paris might actually accomplish

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Specifics aside, its precedent will likely be huge.

Pope Francis says we can’t address AIDS epidemic until we eradicate poverty

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Only one bad thing can exist at a time, says one of the world’s leading moral authority figures.

House Republicans vs. The Weather: Part 845742

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Rep. Lamar Smith is mad that climate data doesn’t say what he wants it to say.

Ben Carson: Gravity, boy I dunno

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This from the supposed intellectual candidate in the GOP primary.

Pope Francis: Government workers have a right to to refuse same-sex marriages

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The Pope’s preference for religious doctrine over the rule of law shows that he isn’t a public authority.

Pope Francis’s address to Congress: Something for everyone, but more for the left

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The Pope is unconstrained by the American ideological spectrum, but his priorities definitely have a place on it.
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