Sasha Claus

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Some may say it was early for me to deck my dog out in her Santa Claus outfit… but I couldn’t help myself.

Guy surprises fiancée with her childhood Teddy Bear (video)

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At first, she has no idea what it is, beyond just a stuffed animal. Then it hits her.

It’s Christmas cookie time!

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A walk through our family tradition of making Christmas cookies that we decorate and then hang on the tree.

The 7 best Christmas light shows, or tacky tacky tacky? (video)

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It’s hard to get me to say “too much” when it comes to Christmas decorations, but these….

Best farm equipment store Christmas light show, ever (video)

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70,000 lights on 36 tractors. All set to music. What’s not to love?

25 year montage of one family’s kids coming down the stairs at Christmas

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My family used to do the “everyone at the top of the stairs” for the Christmas morning video, too.

Video montage of people getting puppies for Christmas (video)

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I know, people need to make sure they’re ready to care for it, but the video is adorable.
Six or Eight Black men, Dutch Christmas

David Sedaris: “Six to eight black men” (a hysterical explanation of the Dutch Santa)

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“Everyone knows Santa doesn’t speak Spanish.”

Merry Christmas, from Chiron Beta Prime

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Did I say overlords? I meant protectors.

Jesus rebranded, now with more capitalism

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Jesus, now with more capitalism: “If they’re hungry, sell them something to eat.” That’s the spirit.
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