Live chickens being violent thrown into storage bins, often by their legs and wings.

Graphic video, animal rights group says Chick-fil-A abuses chickens

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Video shows chickens violently thrown into storage areas, often by their wings and legs; others scalded alive.

Petco to stop selling treats from China, after 1,000 dog deaths

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Of course, the Chinese threat goes far beyond dog food. Their people food is problematic too.

Bizarrely intelligent beagle steals chicken from oven while owner’s away (video)

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You do have to wonder about a dog owner who thinks it’s cute that the dog sticks its head in a 350°F oven.

97% of chicken tested positive for harmful bacteria, 50% for fecal matter

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Mmm… fecal matter.
Puppy via Shutterestock.

Stop giving your pet food from China, unless you don’t mind them dying

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New warning from FDA highlights 100s of deaths of dogs, cats from jerky made in China – products are unlabeled.

You may never eat chicken again

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You’ll soon be eating chicken processed in a country, China, whose food exports many won’t even feed their dog.
Food via Shutterstock

While mercury-laden fish may be bad, red meat is worse

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You definitely need to be concerned about mercury in fish, but red meat gives you colon cancer and antibiotics.
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