It’s -17°F in Chicago, so here are some penguins falling down (video)

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I’m changing my flight back to DC for the third time due to inclement weather. Oh Chicago, why can’t I quit you?

Jon Stewart on why Chicago pizza is not better than NY pizza

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And of course, he’s wrong.

Quite likely the least effective argument against gay marriage, ever (video)

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Homophobe, upset that Illinois just legalized gay marriage, goes nuts on presumed-lesbian on CTA public bus.
Money politics corruption

Is privatization driven by corruption? The Chicago parking meter debacle

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In the Chicago parking meter deal, all benefits went to bankers and investors.

Cool double waterspout over Lake Michigan today (video)

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Lots of amateur videos of the waterspout that developed off of Kenosha, Wisconsin today in Lake Michigan.

A tearful homeless man in Chicago explains that he isn’t a bum (video)

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“Just because I’m down on my luck, don’t give nobody no excuse to call me no bum, because I’m not.”

Sinkhole in Chicago eats 3 cars, amazing video

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It’s unclear what’s more disturbing: watching the car fall in; the laughter; or the car alarm.
Coyotes at Wrigley Field Screenshot

Coyotes spotted at Wrigley Field in Chicago (video)

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Figures they’re Cub fans.
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