Things cats do that would be creepy if you did it (video)

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A laugh out loud video. Short and funny.

Classic “Jurassic Park” raptor scene, remade with cats (video)

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The scene where the kids are trapped in the kitchen, with the raptors stalking them. This is great.

Cats being dicks to dogs (video)

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“I’m not gonna come up there and get you, you’ve gotta learn to walk by the cat.”

Local ABC reporter, unable to find people to talk about water rate hike, interviews cat (video)

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REPORTER: Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to stop attacking my mic.
Puppy via Shutterestock.

Stop giving your pet food from China, unless you don’t mind them dying

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New warning from FDA highlights 100s of deaths of dogs, cats from jerky made in China – products are unlabeled.

Sad Cat Diary (funny video)

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“Like Sisyphus, I am bound to hell.”

Russian cat seriously addicted to the vacuum (video)

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This vacuum is cat-crack. (And this post is open-thread crack.)

Skateboarding animals (video)

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From dogs to goats to parakeets and cats, videos of animals on skateboards for a Sunday.

A short video about how all of us should strive to “be more dog”

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“I used to be a cat. I’d be aloof before lunch. Then coldly indifferent after.”

Firefighter saves kitten from fire, brings it back to life (video)

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Sadly, after being brought back to life, the kitten died later that night from smoke damage to its lungs.
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