Pope Francis says he’d baptize a Martian (video)

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I’m not ready to name Francis an honorary “amicus Theodora” just yet, but I am becoming increasingly Pope-curious.

You won’t believe what the Pope just said about civil unions

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The Pope already had people buzzing about his earlier “who am I to judge?” comments about gays.

Lead gay magazine picks Pope Francis as Person of the Year

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The leading gay news magazine, the Advocate, has picked Pope Francis as their Person of the Year.
Pope Francis. neneo /

The Catholic conundrum named Francis

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Pope Francis moves away from dogma, while US Bishops focus on gays and abortion: Will there be a Catholic schism?

Dan Savage has no respect for child-raping Catholic priests

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Far-right Catholics are upset at Dan Savage for not show child-raping Catholic priests the appropriate respect.
Bishop Thomas John Paprocki

Catholic bishop of Springfield, IL to do “exorcism” on day governor signs gay marriage bill

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Catholic Bishop Paprocki: “[S]ame-sex ‘marriage’ comes from the devil and should be condemned as such.”

Catholic archbishop says Satan is pushing for gay marriage

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The Catholic archbishop of Minneapolis thinks Satan is the real power behind the recent success of gay marriage.

More violence in Paris as French anti-gay right co-opted by extremists, supremacists

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France’s UMP opposition party, much like America’s GOP, has now allied itself with the hate of the far right.
Archbishop John Myers of Newark.

Catholic archbishop defends letting confessed pedophile priest near kids

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Also at issue, why Chris Christie’s Prosecutor John Molinelli gave a confessed child abuser a plea bargain.
Father Musaala via a YouTube video.

Catholics suspend priest for blowing whistle on sex abuse of minors in Africa

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Father Anthony Musaala of Uganda has been indefinitely suspended for violating the Catholic child-rape omertà.
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