And a cat wakes a little boy up (video)

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Because not every story can be about Ebola, impeachment, or Ann Coulter.

Cat plays Jenga (video)

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I’m not entirely sure what’s motivating this cat, but it’s pretty cool.

Dog befriends disabled kitten (video)

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Max the cattle dog has taken a liking to Ralphee, a kitten with feline cerebellar hypoplasia.

Cat photobombs yoga video

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If you’re easily offended by hilarious videos of cats, walk away very slowly.

World’s most tolerant cat (video)

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This cat meets not one, but two puppies. And handles it like a champ.

Scaredy cat (video)

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Mama cat decides to jump up on windowsill, misses, scares kittens to death. It’s really quite adorable.

Seriously PO’d cat won’t let mailman deliver letters

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Funny as hell (and postal worker was fortunately uninjured :)

Wild squirrel drops by to play with cat it grew up with (video)

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This squirrel apparently used to live with the cat as another pet in this woman’s home. It’s amazing to watch.

Guy raises $6k online for surgery so his kitten can walk again

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Winslow is 9 months old and needs surgery on both knees, so his owner Alex turned to the Internet for help…

Bub the cat sits by the fire for an hour (video)

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Don’t have a fireplace? Watch Bub the cat sit by his for an hour.

Dog and cat spooning (video)

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The cat showed up at their house a year ago, in the middle of winter, and the dog was scared to death of him.

Cool optical illusion motion that even fooled a cat (video)

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Cool fake-motion optical illusions using slits in a sheet of plastic. They even fooled the cat.

Cat tongues vacuum, enjoys it (video)

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Then again, it’s one of those Japanese cats…
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