Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Trump’s dig at the NFL, like the rest of his campaign, blames “soft” progressive culture for bare-knuckled capitalism’s problem

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Trump thinks the NFL’s gone soft. In reality, it’s as hard-nosed and capitalist as ever.
Shrek action figure, via PAISAN HOMHUAN /

With fifth installment, Shrek has become what it originally mocked

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Profit for profit’s sake is ruining a classic franchise.
White phosphorus over Gaza

Reflections on capitalism: Who are the Unpeople of the world?

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To whites, the poor and darker skinned are Unpeople. To the major capitalists, the circle is a whole lot larger.

Jesus rebranded, now with more capitalism

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Jesus, now with more capitalism: “If they’re hungry, sell them something to eat.” That’s the spirit.
FDR warns about today’s Republicans

“Liberalism doesn’t carry the critique of capitalism that progressivism does”

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Classic liberalism, neoliberalism, libertarianism, free market capitalism — it’s all the same. Read why.

“Capitalism never solves its crisis problems; it moves them around geographically”

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A great animated explanation of why modern capitalism is a world of constant crisis.
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