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You probably don’t use sunscreen, and you should

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Americans are bad at using sunscreen, which puts them at risk for skin cancer.

Scientists are testing lots of different medical uses for marijuana

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From epilepsy to cancer, ongoing research is yielding promising signs in using marijuana in medical treatments.
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Medical roundup: Aspirin and cancer prevention; Diabetes on the rise

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Aspirin may help prevent some types of cancer, diabetes is on the rise, and how to prevent colon cancer.

Statins may help with dementia, Parkinson’s, cancer, stroke and more

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While statins may be beneficial in a number of conditions, they are by no means benign drugs that carry no risk.
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Blood tests for cancer may be possible in the near future

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Most cancers that are solid tumors (lung, breast, thyroid, bowel) can’t be detected by blood tests. Until now.
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Science is not the enemy

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When I wrote about the risks of e-cigarettes & benefits of circumcision, you’d have thought I spat on the flag.

Dog senses woman’s breast cancer (BBC video, not April Fools)

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BBC: “We now know that dogs like max are smelling the tiny volatile chemicals given off by cancerous tumors.”
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The truth about e-cigarettes

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The jury is still out on whether e-cigarettes are safe, and whether they even help you stop smoking.
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The French way of cancer treatment; it’s entirely humane

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Cancer care in France — an American daughter’s discovery that the French system for health care is, well, humane.

Marijuana as a possible treatment for HIV and cancer

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A look at new research on using THC, the principal drug in marijuana, to fight HIV and damage cancer cells.
Internationally, lots of progressive doctors are politically active. Unidentified people holding gay marriage support banner at protest on August 11 2012 in Brisbane, Australia. paintings /

America’s doctors leaning left, and other medical news

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America’s medical community is increasingly leaning to the left politically, and that’s a good thing.
GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann in Google Glasses (source: Luke Russert via Twitter)

Honey I shrunk the HPV

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Infections by HPV, a virus that causes cervical and other cancers, drop by 56% after mass immunizations.

Knowing he only had months to live, this 18 y.o. kid wrote a beautiful song

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Clouds by Zach Sobiech, who died today of bone cancer at 18 years of age. Amazingly catchy song and sad story.
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