Jeb Bush, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Jeb Bush says he’s running, won’t follow FEC rules for candidates who say they’re running

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He said the magic words, but the FEC can’t, or won’t, hold him to them.
Piyush "Bobby" Jindal, via Christopher Halloran /

Bobby Jindal’s denial of our hyphen-nation

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You don’t celebrate diversity by pretending it doesn’t exist.
Congress, via Creative Commons

It’s time to unlock Congress

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Outlining a blueprint for reforms designed to fix our legislature’s dysfunction.

Ingenious new attack ad from Oregon GOP

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Republican Senate attack ads evolve to the next level in today’s free-wheeling campaign finance environment.
Supreme Court via Shutterstock

Supreme Court: Money is free speech, provided you have money to start with

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The whole “fight bad speech with good speech” argument presumes that we can all speak in the first place.
Cabaret: "Money makes the world go around"

Obama got $20mil from healthcare industry in 2008, 3x what McCain got

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Pre-election: Obama praised single-payer. Post-election: Obama froze single-payer advocates out of ACA meetings.
David Koch (source: NTD video, YouTube)

Koch Bros. are engineering a “merger & acquisition” of the Republican party

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The Koch brothers spent $400 million in 2012. Now they’re upping the ante. Read how.
Money politics corruption

2012 election spending topped $6 billion

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“The most expensive election in American history.” Here are some of the big spenders.
Vote via Shutterstock

Scam PACs and scam polls are hurting the GOP

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Right-wing pollsters and Super PACs have probably cost the GOP seats this election.
foreign money

Foreign corps funneling cash to 2012 candidates

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Foreign companies are buying into our election. Is client statehood next?
Vote by Shutterstock.

Double whammy of bad news for Romney

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Romney’s facing a mass exodus of donors and the sudden end of efforts to sign up new voters (as a result of scandal).
Name predicts political donations

How your first name, beer and smartphone predict your politics

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Janes are Dems who drink Heineken, Jerrys are Republicans who drink Sam Adams. And Willards are GOPers too. Check your name!
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