Ding dong! Michele Bachmann’s retiring

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It really was no miracle, what happened was just this: The wind began to switch, the US House to pitch…

Did Obama deliberately lie in 2008 about his Social Security plans?

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Barack Obama has talked frequently about Social Security. But did he fake his position during the 2008 campaign?
Goldman Sachs logo

Shareholder proposes Goldman Sachs run for office as a person

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Goldman’s shareholder was sick and tired of the company’s shadowy role in spending millions lobbying Washington.
"Why yes, we do vote Republican!" via Shutterstock

Can the GOP be saved from its obsession with the 1950s?

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An interesting story in the NYT about how, from technology to social issues, the GOP is stuck in the past.

Confirmed: “Macaque” (aka “macaca”) is a French slur for black people, George Allen’s mom was French

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George Allen’s use of the term “macaca” for an Indian-American wasn’t an accident. Macaque is a French slur,
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