Cam accidentally dropped from plane, lands in pig pen, found by pig – recorded everything

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If true, this is hysterical.

Strap a camera on the back of an eagle and wow (video)

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Two neat videos filmed from the back of a rather well-trained eagle.

The coolest and scariest video spy camera, ever (video)

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From 3 miles up it can see a bird, and other objects as small as 6 inches, then record videos of them.

Niagara Falls stupendous HD video from remote-control helicopter

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Because not everything can be about Ken Cuccinelli’s sexual hypocrisy.

Camera films grizzly trying to eat it (video)

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An up-close look at an Alaskan grizzly bear trying to eat a camera, from the camera’s point of view.

Falcon with camera on back takes down duck (video)

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A guy puts a camera on his pet falcon, and the thing taks off, then kills a duck. ┬áIt’s pretty amazing.
Image of the diver snapped by the camera-holding octopus.

First-ever picture of a man, taken by an octopus?

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When an octopus steals your camera, and then won’t let go of your speargun, what do you do?
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