Shark Dolphin photobombs boys surfing in California (video)

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A mom takes a pic of her son surfing, and only later sees the huge shark, or dolphin, in the photo.

UC-Davis pepper-spray cop gets $38k for HIS suffering, $10k more than his victims

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The students were peacefully staging a sit-in to support Occupy Wall Street.
Cassidy Lynn Campbell

Transgender homecoming queen in tears after brutal YouTube bullying

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“Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it, and if I should go back to being miserable.”

Is Prop 8 merely dead, or really most sincerely dead?

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Religious right now trying to argue that only the 4 gay plaintiffs in the Prop 8 case can wed in California.

Religious right petitions Supreme Court to stop CA gay marriages

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Fat chance, says SCOTUSblog: “Such petitions are as a practical matter never granted.”
Prop 8 plaintiffs Kris Perry and Sandy Stier get married in California following historic Supreme Court ruling.

THEY DID! Lesbian Prop 8 couple marries in California

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Prop 8 plaintiffs Kris Perry and Sandy Stier just tied the knot in California.
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We deserve to know which companies track & sell our location and sexual orientation

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Under proposed California “Right to Know” law, companies would have to divulge that info and more.
Castro nudity protest

The right to bare arms in SF

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The Castro’s Old Guard goes out with a bang, taking on San Francisco’s new law that would ban public nudity.
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CA Prop 32: A union-killing wolf in populist clothing

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Tricksters in the California Republican Party have found another way to kill campaign contributions from unions —
"I can't cure you!" (photo by Shutterstock)

Religious right to sue CA over “pray away the gay” ban

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CNN rightfully called out these bigots who claim they can “cure” gays. (And if it’s a “choice,” why does it need a cure?)
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