A surreal Lawrence Welk devil video to go with my Comcast day-from-hell

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Yesterday ended up being a light posting day because… Comcast.
Money man via Shutterstock

Former Comcast & Verizon attorneys manage the FCC, are about to kill the Internet

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Why did Obama put telecoms in charge of the Internet. Why won’t FCC regulate the Internet as a utility? Same answe

Wikileaks cable: Georgian President predicted Crimea invasion in 2009

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“Saakashvili stressed repeatedly that he expected Russia to follow its ’08 invasion of Georgia with intervention.”
Stephen Colbert and Hugh Laurie on broadcast indecency standards

Stephen Colbert, Hugh Laurie read the words you can say on cable, but not network TV

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Network TV is pushing to have decency standards loosened as cable’s prominence has so increased over the years.

Here’s the Internet/cable TV ad they ought to run (video)

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Americans pay far more than Europeans do for the same cable service – it really is a scam.
Pope Francis, then Cardinal Bergoglio, via the Argentine Presidency website.

Wikileaks published US Embassy-Vatican cable on Bergoglio, aka Pope Francis

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Wikileaks has a cable that the US Embassy-Vatican wrote about Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, in 2005
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