Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, screenshot via YouTube

The American Family Association is putting together an index of which businesses hate gays the most

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This is going to be more useful for pro-equality people than for anyone else.
Marijuana, via Brett Levin / Flickr

Monopolistic marijuana legalization to appear on Ohio ballot this year, not next year

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The referendum would legalize possession and smoking, but limit most growing rights to the campaign’s financiers.
Shooting range, via Wikimedia Commons

Arkansas gun range bans Muslims, claims “private club” exemption

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You don’t get to simply declare yourself a private club in order to justify discrimination.
Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham boycotts LGBT-friendly bank by moving assets to LGBT-friendly bank, warns of apocalypse

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It’s been a bad week for the heir of a dying religious fiefdom.

Arkansas bans non-discrimination laws

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Buzzfeed reported that Arkansas’ House of Representatives passed SB202, a bill that blocks localities in the state from passing anti-discrimination legislation of their own. ...
Protesters outside the Supreme Court, and across from the US Congress, for the oral arguments on the gay rights cases involving DOMA and Proposition 8 in March, 2013. © John Aravosis 2013

Will married gays avoid jobs in anti-marriage states?

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Married gays may lose some federal benefits if they live in states that don’t recognize marriage equality.
marijuana money

A rush of “green business” to follow recent marijuana legalization?

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Entirely new business opportunity are emerging from the smoke of marijuana legalization in CO and WA state.
Lueken's Village Foods

Retiring grocery store owner to give stores to his employees

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He has 3 grocery stories in MN and ND, will soon retire and transfer ownership to his employees.
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