The GOP’s Ebola death panels

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The Republican party just gutted President Obama’s request to study experimental Ebola treatments.
Dr. Rosalyn Yalow at her Bronx Veterans Administration Hospital, October 13, 1977, after learning she was one of three American doctors awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine that year. (Photo by USIA)

Sequester cut funding to 1,000 researchers

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But the harm went far beyond the researchers. It affected students, other researchers, and sick people worldwide.

GOP (read: Fox News) verklempt over proposed “devastating cuts” to military spending

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GOP does with defense what it claims Dems do with entitlements – spend and spend, because enough is never enough.
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Supermarket death panels: A look at why Food Stamps matter

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Try feeding yourself on $4.43 a day, the avg. Food Stamp benefit before cuts, and see how long you last.
Mother chimpanzee and her baby via Shutterstock

Retiring chimps are latest victims of Washington budget mess

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60 federal worker chimps were due to be retired, but now can’t, because of the ongoing budget mess in DC.
Cattle killed by freak South Dakota blizzard, courtesy of CBS video.

Pro-shutdown SD ranchers upset shutdown means no federal aid for devastating blizzard

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Republicans, including these ranchers, really need to get over their sense of selfish exceptionalism.

GOP: We can easily avoid default Thursday by not paying Social Security checks

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America has ten times the money it needs to pay its debt. All it has to do is kill off its seniors.
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Tentative government shutdown, debt-ceiling deal reached (well, in the Senate)

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Govt funded till January, debt ceiling moved to February, and Ds and Rs negotiate a new budget deal.
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New GOP debt ceiling offer: We’ll put off shooting the hostages til Christmas

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Republicans offer not to shoot the hostages now, if Obama let’s GOP shoot them at Christmas.

With polls heading south, GOP desperate to blame Dems for Tea Party shutdown

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GOP Rep. Greg Walden to donors angry about the shutdown: “Listen, we have to do this because of the Tea Party.”

The government shutdown and the GOP’s slow-motion impeachment of Barack Obama

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Unable to actually impeach Obama, the GOP is trying to strip executive power, starting with the shutdown.
GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, one of the authors of the government shutdown to kill Obamacare.

GOP House member: “Leadership backed into corner by lemmings with suicide vests”

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No budget deal, government shutdown is looming at midnight, and the GOP is falling apart at the seams.
Br'er Rabbit, from Disney's "Song of the South."

The “frauds on the Hill” may force Congress to use Obamacare

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I can’t think of a better idea than making members of Congress buy insurance in the Obamacare exchanges.
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