Equal marriage supporters at a Stonewall rally outside the House of Lords as peers gave the Bill Third Reading on 15 July. (Photo credit: SIMON CALLAGHAN.)

England legalizes gay marriage

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Though, oddly, the law bans the Church of England from conducting such weddings, ever.
Edward Snowden

Still think NSA-leaker Edward Snowden is a hero?

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Snowden’s hero status is called into question as he leaks the news that the US spied on Russia’s president.

The history of Britain’s gay rights journey from 1950 to today (video)

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A great video from Britain’s Channel 4 looking at the cultural shift in Britain from the mid-1950s to today.
British Parliament via Shutterstock

Huge gay marriage victory in the UK Parliament

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Now that gay marriage has passed its “second reading” in the UK House of Commons it’s all but certain we’ll win.
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