Ian Dunt on Brexit, European elections, and fighting demagogic populism

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Brexit is still in chaos, and things didn’t get any clearer with the results of the European Parliament elections, that seemed to hand victory to populists across the board, both ...
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The New Zealand attack and race, with British journalist Sunny Hundal

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British journalist Sunny Hundal joins me on today’s UnPresidented podcast to talk about the horrific terrorist attacks against two mosques in New Zealand, and the overall issue ...

David Frum on immigration, impeachment, Brexit, AOC (he likes her!) and the Iraq War

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We welcome back David Frum — a writer with the Atlantic, formerly of the GW Bush White House, and prominent Never-Trumper — to talk to the UnPresidented podcast about: His ...

Brexit for Dummies: An American’s guide to understanding Brexit

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British writer, podcaster, and author of the book “Brexit: What The Hell Happens Now?”, Ian Dunt, joins us for Brexit 101, an American’s guide to what the heck all ...

Brexit for Dummies, with guest Ian Dunt

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A really interesting and accessible (and fun) conversations with one of the UK’s top experts on the Brexit.
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Brexit: The triumph of passion over reason

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To avoid Brexit, integration must be sold as a passionate political ideal, rather than a “logical” choice.

Brexit is what happens when millennials don’t vote

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The youngest voters wanted to remain in the EU, the oldest voters wanted to leave. Only the old voted.
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