Only Putin would think to starve his own people to punish the West

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Cutting off basic foods to everyday Russians is an odd way to “punish” the west.
Michel Platini, courtesy of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland.

European soccer chief “fed up” with calls to boycott World Cup 2018 in Russia

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You know who else is fed up? All of Russia’s victims.
Queer Nation/RUSA LGBT Russian vodka dump at Russian consulate in NYC by ┬ęScott Wooledge

American bars start boycotting Russian vodka over Ukraine

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We gays always were trendsetters.

Hispanic Bar Assocation pulls conference from Arizona; JPMorgan, AmEx, Rick Scott condemn anti-gay law

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And even GoDaddy, a notoriously Republican company, came out in opposition to SB1062 today.

Anderson Cooper obliterates dithering idiot supporter of Arizona’s anti-gay “Stand Your God” law

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If Arizona’s governor signs this law, the Super Bowl, Apple and Google had better cancel their plans in the state.
Dome of the Rock, in the Old City of Jerusalem (via Shutterstock).

Does boycotting Israeli academics advance academic freedom?

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A look at a boycott of Israeli academics that spurred an even fiercer counter-boycott.

Does Salvation Army really include gays in its nondiscrimination policy? Not so much

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The Salvation Army’s written non-discrimination policies are abominable when it comes to sexual orientation.

Barilla pasta kinda-sorta finally gets that bigotoni is bad for business

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Barilla will create a “diversity board” and promises “more diverse” advertising. Let’s what they really do.
CEO Guido Barilla

Barilla CEO makes video apologizing to gays, for 4th time. Barilla supporters go bonkers.

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Famed pasta CEO suggested gays weren’t “families,” then told gays to go buy another brand of pasta.
Elton John, photo by David Shankbone

Elton John to perform in Russia – will he speak out against gay crackdown?

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Elton John also performed at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding and broke the apartheid boycott of South Africa.
johnny weir

Nothing good can come from Johnny Weir

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Former Olympian Johnny Weir thinks Russia’s oppression of gay and trans people is a lot like New Jersey.
Queer Nation/RUSA LGBT Russian vodka dump at Russian consulate in NYC by ┬ęScott Wooledge

A response to Katrina vanden Heuvel’s dreadful “gay Russia” oped

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I just wish our allies would stop sniping at us, and start actually helping.
Sochi Olympics street art by ida4 in the UK.

Russia’s gay crackdown: Oodles of morning news

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International pressure builds, while Russians continue to make stupid comments.
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