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Cops rescue autistic boy’s birthday party

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Mother after mother canceled, uncomfortable with the boy being autistic. Then the cops came, and saved the party.

And a cat wakes a little boy up (video)

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Because not every story can be about Ebola, impeachment, or Ann Coulter.

Cat saves little boy from dog attack, stunning video

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A little boy was literally getting dragged off by a neighbor’s dog when his cat Tara came to the rescue.

Watch 3 people hear for the 1st time, thanks to cochlear implants (video)

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Could you hear those words? Yes, yes!

Would you help a boy sitting alone freezing at a bus stop? They did. (heart-warming video)

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A heart-warming video testing how Norwegians would react to a boy shuddering alone in the cold. They passed.

Bobcat showing his love, or possibly just tasting his next meal (video)

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I’m not entirely sure if this bobcat is “showing his love,” as the video is titled, or tasting his next meal.

When a cop slaps a child is it an outrage, or just Outrage, Inc? (video)

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Onlookers are horrified when a cop slaps a child. Then you learn the rest of the story…

Young girl and boy rock down to Pearl Jam and Nirvana (video)

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We’ll be dealing with guns at the 8 o’clock hour, and global warming at 10, so let’s start with a smile :)

5 y.o. boy kills 2 y.o. sister with birthday rifle

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It’s been a tragic week for gun deaths of kids 3 and under.

2 year old’s first bike ride without training wheels (video)

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After a heavy day yesterday, this is a cute video of a 2 y.o. boy riding without training wheels for 1st time.

“I did not eat sprinkles” (adorable video)

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3 year old boy, face covered in sprinkles, tells mom “I did not eat sprinkles.”
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