Dog and bird roll around together playing in the yard (video)

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Definitely one of the stranger videos. The dog is definitely playing. No idea what the bird is doing.

Skateboarding animals (video)

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From dogs to goats to parakeets and cats, videos of animals on skateboards for a Sunday.

Goshawk flies through tiny spaces in slo-mo (video)

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A neat video from the BBC showing how a hawk adapts to flying through increasingly smaller holes in a wall.

Bird feeds cat and dog, like they’re her young (video)

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The bird spends much of its day trying to give the dog and cat food from its beak.

This bird seriously likes Rock & Roll (video)

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I always wonder whether these animals are reacting in glee or horror to the music.
heron uses bread as bait to catch fish

Bird uses piece of bread as bait to catch fish (video)

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An astonishing nature video. It’s hard to discount the intelligence necessary to pull this off.
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