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Obama launches “Binders full of Women” ad

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The ad is part of the larger Obama message that Mitt Romney has a problem with women.
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GOP congressman admits Paul Ryan, GOP will “end” Medicare

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Rep. Joe Walsh added that with “modern technology” we no longer need abortion exceptions for life of the mother.
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Some other stories you might have missed

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Lots of other stories I was going to post about, but never had the time.
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Mrs. Romney: Women didn’t care about the economy in ’08 election

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Mrs. Romney now claims that women weren’t concerned about the economy in Nov. 2008. Maybe rich ones weren’t.
Jon Stewart on Romney's "binders full of women" gaffe

Jon Stewart on Romney’s “binders full of women”

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A quick rundown of the second presidential debate, with a closer look at Romney’s “binders full of women” gaffe.

“Binders full of women” spoof site

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During the debate, Romney said he put together “binders full of women” in order to find women to hire. Here are some of them.
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Romney’s “binder full of women” story was a lie

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Mitt Romney did not, as he claimed during the debate, ask for “binders full of women” to be compiled for him.

Full transcript of second Obama/Romney debate

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Full transcript of the second presidential debate.
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