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The left’s troubling embrace of GOP anti-Clinton talking points

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The notion that Bill Clinton’s presidency was “odious” is odious. On gay rights and HIV, Bill Clinton was a god.
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The Clintons’ DOMA history thoroughly debunked

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A comprehensive review from Buzzfeed should settle this once and for all.
Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and Bill Clinton attend the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting at The Sheraton New York Hotel on September 24, 2013 in New York City. JStone / Shutterstock.com

Is Bill Clinton redeemed?

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Former President Clinton has been invited to address the annual HRC gay rights dinner.
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The Democratic party has lost its soul: Clinton, Obama and the victory of Wall Street Democrats

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A Clinton insider details how the Democratic party has lost its soul. I reflect on Netroots Nation.
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Why the Hillary Clinton documentary got canceled (and other questions)

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Charles Ferguson raises more questions than he answers about Hillary Clinton, Bill’s money, and CGI funding.
Protester during Obama’s “I can’t close Guantánamo” speech: “You are commander-in-chief”

Why is the ACA (Obamacare) so complicated?

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The only customers that Obama, Messina and Baucus listened to were doctors, hospitals and drug companies.
Video: Young Guns II, the return of the Ryan budget’s assault on Medicare

Republicans wanted the shutdown all along, and Dems have already lost the negotiations

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Paul Ryan’s budget numbers are now considered the starting point in any new negotiations to end the shutdown.
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Like Nixon to China, it takes a Democrat to put the first knife into Social Security

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It’s one thing to say you need revenue & then misallocate it. It’s another to start cutting the program itself.
Newt’s SuperPAC launches another video going after Romney titled “Blood Money”

Free trade and unrestricted capital flow: How billionaires get rich and destroy the rest of us

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“Free trade” is why they’re obscenely rich, we’re poorer by the day, and world economies regularly crash.

Bill Clinton bunny-eared by Louisville hoops team

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Bill Clinton met the Louisville basketball team last night and had some fun joking around with the players.

President Clinton is wrong about the history of DOMA

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There was no real threat from the Federal Marriage Amendment until 8 years after President Clinton signed DOMA.
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Bill Clinton says it’s time to overturn DOMA. Here’s why it matters.

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Clinton’s position should help us when the Supreme Court considers its DOMA & gay marriage cases in a few weeks
Robert Rubin, courtesy of the Treasury Dept.

Clintonista architect of Wall Street collapse disses “too big to fail” concerns

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Clintonista and former Citi executive, Robert Rubin, still lives in fantasy-land.
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