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Big Bird is funny. Romney spending $2 trillion more on defense isn’t.

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Romney plans on wasting trillions of dollars on more wars in the Middle East.
The thing Mitt Romney fears the most.

Megalornithophobia: Fear of big birds forced Romney to skip kids talk

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On the day Romney threatens war with Syria, he runs from a bunch of kids and one big yellow bird.
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SNL does Big Bird & prez debate

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Saturday Night Live did two segments on Big Bird and the presidential debate, we have the video.
Mr. Rogers testifying before Congress about PBS funding in 1969.

Mr. Rogers defends PBS funding to Congress in 1969 video

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An amazing video of Fred “Mr.” Rogers testifying before Congress in 1969 about why they should continue funding PBS.
Original photo by Louise Macabitas; parody by John Aravosis, AMERICAblog.

Occupy Sesame Street

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My take on the Sesame Street meme, after Mitt Romney threatened to kill Big Bird.
Conan does spoof of Romney trying to kill Big Bird (video)

Conan does spoof of Romney trying to kill Big Bird (video)

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Conan O’Brien’s hilarious video on Mitt Romney’s threat to kill Big Bird.
Rick Santorum says maybe Romney wanted to eat Big Bird

Santorum: Maybe Romney wants to eat Big Bird

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Rick Santorum gave an example of how Mitt Romney could “like” Big Bird, yet still want to kill him: To eat him.
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Data shows Big Bird was most rewatched moment of debate

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More TiVo users rewound and rewatched the Big Bird moment than any other in the debate. That’s not good news for Romney.
Big Bird protests Romney rally in Virginia.

Big Bird to dog Romney at events

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One hopes Big Bird will be attending all of Romney’s rallies between now and the election.
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Leave Big Bird Alone

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During last night’s presidential debate, Mitt Romney’s attack on PBS generally, and on Big Bird by name, was a huge gaffe.
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