GOP Sen. Rand Paul says UE benefits are “disservice” to unemployed

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If we extend unemployment benefits beyond Christmas, “you do a disservice to these workers.”
Texas Gov. Rick Perry's gay problem goes far beyond his Brokeback Mountain jacket.

Did Rick Perry cave on gay National Guard benefits? No one seems to know for sure.

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Initially it looked as though Texas refused to process benefits, now it appears they may have caved.
Will you settle for what they offer you? Class War Kitteh says, "Stand up for more." You have permission.

End the retirement crisis by increasing Social Security benefits

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Warren and Krugman have come out strong for fixing our retirement crisis by increasing benefits. You can help.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry's gay problem goes far beyond his Brokeback Mountain jacket.

Texas National Guard now openly-discriminating against gay troops

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Snubbing Hagel, Obama, and the US Supreme Court, Texas is refusing to give federal benefits to married gay troops.

The real Social Security retirement age is already 70

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To get your full benefit, you have to wait five years if you retire at 65. Do the wealthy have to wait? Guess.
Coffee and chocolate via Shutterstock

Good medical news about chocolate, coffee and tea

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Reductions in the incidences of heart attack, stroke and death from cardiovascular disease in chocolate-eaters.
Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin

Oklahoma joins other backwards southern states in dissing gay military members

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Oklahoma is refusing to process benefits for the spouses of gay military members. How petty can Republicans get?

2 cups of cocoa a day might keep the Alzheimer’s away

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85 grams of chocolate a day shows significant health benefits in older people with poor circulation.
Queer Nation/RUSA LGBT Russian vodka dump at Russian consulate in NYC by ©Scott Wooledge

Stoli has no LGBT non-discrimination policy “because so far we didn’t need that”

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Stoli CEO was equally vague about whether they provide benefits to partners, spouses of gays, worldwide.
gay marriage prop 8 doma

The mess that is federal benefits post-DOMA

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The feds are busying sifting through a lot of law and regulation to figure out who now gets benefits.

Pentagon to give marriage benefits to gay spouses following Supreme Court victory on DOMA

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And the wall crumbles. The tidal wive from DOMA’s demise is spreading across the land.

Obama loses key support for cutting Social Security, Medicare in “Grand Bargain”

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The powerful pro-Obama think-tank Center for American Progress has just abandoned Obama’s benefit cuts.
Cong. Keith Ellison

Keith Ellison: “I don’t care what party you’re in. I’m in the Social Security party.”

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Progressives in Congress are declaring independence from Dem neoliberal leaders on Social Security benefit cuts,
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