BBC cuts Asian broadcast of lesbian “Dr. Who” kiss between human and lizard

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The inter-species same-sex kiss was censored in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Arctic glacier almost collapses on small boat (video)

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Some incredible footage from the BBC of a huge side of a glacier collapsing dangerously close to a small boat.
Doctor Who - 50th small

Doctor Who after 50 years: Time Lords never truly die

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23 November 1963 – The beginning of the Doctor Who era, about to celebrate its 50th broadcast anniversary.

11 seconds of brutal honestly about the Royal Baby, from the BBC (video)

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BBC: “Plenty more to come from here. Of course, none of it news… but that won’t stop us.”

BBC slams conspiracy-monger Alex Jones: “We have an idiot on the show”

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American conspiracy-monger Alex Jones went on the BBC today and got put in his place.
Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis interviewed by her biggest UK fan: Strangest interview ever

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It’s a cute interview. The guy just melts & starts talking to Mila Kunis about jager bombs, then asks her out.
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