Economist Stephanie Kelton

To guarantee a living wage, make government the employer of last resort

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Economist Kelton’s fix for employment: “Create competition” between gov’t and the private sector for employees.
Elizabeth Warren

Citigroup, SunTrust, B of A, Wells Fargo decline comment on possible new fee for deposits

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The big banks are keeping mum on rumors they might soon charge you to deposit money in your savings account.

Legal bribery: Tim Geithner earns $400,000 for 3 speeches on Thank You Street

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Geithner made sure Goldman Sachs got 100 cents on the dollar in the AIG bailout. Now it’s his turn for thanks.
Writer Richard (RJ) Eskow

Interview with corporate tax-dodging expert Richard Eskow

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Eskow, like many, has come to a “Chomsky-esque” view of our political and economic system.
Computer generated Bitcoin via Shutterstock

Is Bitcoin’s bubble finally bursting?

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Does the Bust of Costa Rica money hub Liberty Reserve spell the end for Bitcoin as well?

Jon Stewart: DOJ investigates potheads, hackers, reporters – but no banks

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Jon Stewart on “too big to jail.”

Florida’s GOP attorney general thinks banksters get a bad rap

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Pam Bondi thinks mortgage lenders got a bad rap, but she’s livid about Urban Outfitter’s Rx shot glasses.

Cyprus’ big depositors warned to get out before deposit confiscation

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The middle class, always the last to know.

Think your bank deposits will always be 100% guaranteed by the FDIC? Think again.

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The US, UK and NZ have contingency plans to possibly institute Cyprus-style bank deposit confiscation.
rich guy bank 1%

Worldwide derivatives market could be over $1.2 quadrillion in notional value

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Bankers, their lobbyists and the Congress they own are putting you on the hook for a huge potential loss.
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