Riot police, via Wikimedia Commons

Why We Need Riot Police

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The use of force is only necessary when the consent of the governed is breached.
Protestors in Ferguson, via Creative Commons

Institutional racism by the numbers

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The question isn’t whether racism is embedded in American society. The question is the extent to which it is.
Commissioner Batts and Mayor Rawlings-Blake speak to the press, via Creative Commons

Baltimore’s mayor and police chief ignored their own post-Ferguson policing proposals

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Community policing is harder to implement than it is to endorse.
Black man stopped by police, via Shutterstock

White America refuses to understand the death of Freddie Gray

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White America does not understand what’s happening in Baltimore.
Black Lives Matter, via Creative Commons

Calls for calm in Baltimore ignore the language of the unheard

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Our politicians and pundits are appropriating the rhetoric of peace to preserve their sordid status quo.
Rand Paul, via Creative Commons

Rand Paul isn’t a libertarian: criminal justice edition

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With his comments on the protests in Baltimore, Paul’s transformation into a mainstream GOPer is nearly complete.
Mental health via Shutterstock

Study: HIV incidence 4x higher in people with mental health diagnoses

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This study points out that those patients with mental illness may not be getting screened for HIV appropriately.
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