The myth of the “Second Great Depression”

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TARP and the Fed bailout of Wall Street five years ago did not save us from a Second Great Depression.
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Shareholder proposes Goldman Sachs run for office as a person

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Goldman’s shareholder was sick and tired of the company’s shadowy role in spending millions lobbying Washington.
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EU bailout for Cyprus will punish citizens, take 10% of their savings

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After the EU bailout announcement, why would anyone leave cash in an EU bank ever again?

Let Tagg Go Bankrupt

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Mitt Romney bails out his son Tagg, now a proud member of the 47% who “want stuff.”
Royal Bank of Scotland

$11 million annual salary is “modest,” says bailed-out bankster Chairman

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Four and a half years after the banking collapse, the bankers still don’t get it.
Rich 1%

British taxpayers to fund $400m in bonuses for bank fined in Libor scandal

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Another round of bonuses, plus massive fines, all paid for by the British taxpayer.
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Bailed out TARP execs cashed in with fat paychecks

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Only one of 69 execs bailed out under TARP made less than $1 million.

AIG wants to sue banks who sold them garbage

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AIG would like the right to sue the banks who sold them garbage. Finally an AIG lawsuit we can embrace.

Piggy AIG may sue US over $182bn bailout that saved them

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Mitt Romney and Bill O’Reilly were right. There is a class of Americans who simply “want things”: the AIG class.
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