3 week old rhino is kinda adorable (video)

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A newborn rhino at the San Diego Zoo wasn’t gaining weight, so the zookeepers stepped in. Adorableness resulted.

Two-year-old baby with amputated leg learns to walk (pretty freaking inspirational)

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The little boy just keeps saying “I got it” as he keep moving forward with his walker. Just wow.

The Deer Whisperer (video)

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Wild fawn nuzzles up to lady in forest. Adorableness ensues.

Let’s start the day with a cool vid of a baby in a swing

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This is an awfully cool video shot with a GoPro.

It was all fun and games until mommy sneezed (video)

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Russian baby has adorable nonsensical conversation with her dad (video)

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Any parents out there know – in baby-land is this an actual conversation?

Baby dressed as dino is scared by toy dino, but just can’t let it go (video)

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It would almost be cruel, but clearly the kid can’t get enough of the toy that scares him.

Newborn polar bears at the Munich Zoo (video)

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Like most newborns, newborn polar bears don’t do much. Other than exude utter adorableness.

Post-it Note parenting advice from a new dad (funny as hell)

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“Wait. It’s ‘Pat a cake’ and not ‘Patty cake’?”

Practical joker puts remote control devil baby on NYC sidewalk, hilarity ensues

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OMG you’re either going to love this, or hate this. I laughed out loud. I know, I’m going to hell.

One year old baby finally learns to beatbox (video)

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Beatboxing is producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using one’s mouth, lips, tongue, and voice.

Leopard cub kills baboon, then tries to adopt its baby (video)

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A remarkable, and sad, video of a leopard cub that kills a baboon only to discover that it was a mother.

Woman befriends baby goats, adorableness ensues (video)

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What do you call a swarm of love-filled baby goats?
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