Cool real-time map of live air traffic, worldwide

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I give you FlightRadar24.com — real-time updates on the whereabouts, and movement, of aircraft around the world.

Guy’s afraid of flying, so pilot friend takes him on a flight… (video)

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If the pilot were my friend, and I were afraid of flying, I’d kill him for what he did.
Airplane via Shutterstock.

All flights could be delayed 30 min because of sequester

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Sequester already having major, and growing, impact on air travel.
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Delta terminates musician’s 40-year SkyMiles contract

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Granted, he was earning miles for his cello, but Delta’s own agents let him do it for years.
boarding pass

TSA now giving tips to terrorists

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Barcode on boarding pass contains “secret” info you can edit to change your name, and whether you’re searched.
Bad flight by Shutterstock

Is it time to clip American Airlines’ wings?

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One person’s harrowing tale of trying to fly home from Europe, and the larger allegory of air travel in the modern age.
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