Cops rescue autistic boy’s birthday party

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Mother after mother canceled, uncomfortable with the boy being autistic. Then the cops came, and saved the party.

Rand Paul’s vaccine trutherism is paranoid, not libertarian

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Even libertarians believe that government is necessary to protect you from your fellow citizens.

The flu shot doesn’t work, and seat belts are a genocidal plot

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So I’m going on Tamiflu…

Time to get your flu shot

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It’s nearing time to get your flu shot. And don’t forget, it takes a few weeks for the vaccine to take effect.
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Anti-vaccine mom says “the devil” causes disease

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An update on anti-vaccine “truthers” who falsely claim that vaccines cause more harm than good.

New evidence that autism is inherited, rather than induced by vaccines

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Increasingly, evidence from neurologic research is pointing to the fact that autism is inherited.

5 y.o. with autism gets a surprise from the garbage man (video)

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Daniel is particularly fascinated by garbage trucks, and rushes outside every week to watch them.

What it’s like to have a brother with autism (video)

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A college kid does a beautiful, inspiring 6 min. video about what it’s like to have an autistic older brother.
autistic boy wins homecoming king

Autistic boy wins homecoming king by largest margin ever (video)

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“I think it is the awsomest time I’ve ever had in my whole entire life.”
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