Aussie construction workers yell empowering statements at women (video)

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What would happen if construction workers yelled nice things at women walking by? This.
P-8 courtesy of ABC.

Australian satellite spots debris in ocean, may be Flight 370

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A US P-8 surveillance plane in the area is reportedly “getting radar hits of significant size,” but no visuals.

ABC: Search area for Flight 370 drastically narrowed to area off of Australia

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ABC says the search area has been narrowed to an area 1,400 west of Perth, Australia.

Aussie TV crew interviews man who refuses to sell his home to Asians… wait for it…

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It’s difficult to imagine this actual real interview of a real person being funny, but it really is.

“Go away, this is my stripe!” (Open thread and a movie)

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A funny moment from an Australian kids’ show.

Must-watch: Aussie football team helps single-dad with cancer celebrate son’s birthday

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This might just be the biggest tear-jerker I’ve ever posted.

Pro-gay Aussie PM Rudd asked why he’s not a good Christian, gives great answer

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Anti-gay Bible-thumper asks: “If you call yourself a Christian, why don’t you believe the words of Jesus?”

Australian dog helps Australian man propose marriage (video)

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“Whatever you do, don’t eat the box.”

How a real leader deals with sexual harassment

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“It is up to us to make a difference. If you’re not up for it, find something else to do with your life.”

Jon Stewart investigates the Australian gun control “failure” (video)

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A look at the incredibly successful gun control legislation passed in Australia a while back.
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