Malcolm Turnbull, via Wikimedia Commons

Marriage equality could be coming to Australia soon, as Prime Minister Abbott is ousted

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Sooner or later, marriage equality is coming to Australia. The only question is when and how the votes are cast.
President Obama votes for himself in 2012, via Wikimedia Commons

Obama (sort of) backs mandatory voting. Here’s why it’s a good (and bad) idea

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The pros and cons of making every eligible citizen cast a ballot.

PO’d kangaroo takes down drone (seriously)

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Airborne drone checks out kangaroo and baby kanga. Momma kanga gets supremely PO’d, takes drone out.

Kangaroo cat-fight in Australia suburbs

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It’s a rather amazing video, shot in front of some suburban-looking homes in New South Wales.

108 international AIDS conference participants were on plane shot down over Ukraine

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The passengers on the Malaysia Airlines jet were heading to the huge AIDS conference in Melbourne.
(Good guy) protesters outside the Supreme Court, and across from the US Congress, for the oral arguments on the gay rights cases involving DOMA and Proposition 8 in March, 2013. © John Aravosis 2013

Yet another study finds gays make great parents

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A new Australian study finds that kids in same-sex families are developing normally and are in good health.

Aussie construction workers yell empowering statements at women (video)

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What would happen if construction workers yelled nice things at women walking by? This.
P-8 courtesy of ABC.

Australian satellite spots debris in ocean, may be Flight 370

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A US P-8 surveillance plane in the area is reportedly “getting radar hits of significant size,” but no visuals.

ABC: Search area for Flight 370 drastically narrowed to area off of Australia

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ABC says the search area has been narrowed to an area 1,400 west of Perth, Australia.

Aussie TV crew interviews man who refuses to sell his home to Asians… wait for it…

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It’s difficult to imagine this actual real interview of a real person being funny, but it really is.

“Go away, this is my stripe!” (Open thread and a movie)

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A funny moment from an Australian kids’ show.

Must-watch: Aussie football team helps single-dad with cancer celebrate son’s birthday

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This might just be the biggest tear-jerker I’ve ever posted.

Pro-gay Aussie PM Rudd asked why he’s not a good Christian, gives great answer

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Anti-gay Bible-thumper asks: “If you call yourself a Christian, why don’t you believe the words of Jesus?”
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