Will you settle for what they offer you? Class War Kitteh says, "Stand up for more." You have permission.

Are Dems who propose cuts to Social Security “stupid” or just doing risk-analysis?

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Why do Democrats persist in offering unpopular proposals? Are they stupid, or smart in a different way?
Job recovery by recession since WW II. Our non-recovery is the heavy red line.

The country needs jobs, not a bipartisan austerity diet

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The S&P is at record highs, but the jobs market stinks & Congress wants to cut spending, again. Help stop them.

The rape of Detroit: City was forced to default so rich could profit

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“Detroit is the poster child for the future. The rich and their minions on Wall Street are circling the city.”

Obama loses key support for cutting Social Security, Medicare in “Grand Bargain”

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The powerful pro-Obama think-tank Center for American Progress has just abandoned Obama’s benefit cuts.
Paul Krugman on MSNBC.

Why only ‘special’ people think Paul Krugman is wrong about austerity

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Because some people would rather be interesting, than right.

Honey, I shrunk the deficit! (video)

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Rachel Maddow on how the deficit is shrinking just fine, all on its own.
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Federal Reserve says austerity is hurting US growth

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In the US, UK, Spain and Portugal, austerity is causing more harm than good. Why won’t the GOP get that?
New ad blasts Wisconsin Governor using his words from prank call with Billionaire Koch

Scott Walker’s right-wing austerity is destroying Wisconsin

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Scott Walker’s GOP austerity is a recipe for disaster – a fact that Wisconsin found out the hard way.
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Paul Ryan’s “austerity” magic is destroying Spain

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Unemployment in austerity-ridden Spain is 26% generally, and 56.5% for youth. The GOP budget miracle in action.
Portugal flag via Shutterstock

Austerity’s next victim: Portugal

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The Portuguese economy has retracted worse than expected due to GOP-style austerity measures. Surprise!
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