Observers gather around Eggs Benedict, screenshot via YouTube

“Eggs Benedict” art installation portrays former pope using 17,000 condoms

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The installation is meant as a commentary on Pope Benedict’s opposition to condom use to fight the AIDS epidemic.

But is it art?

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A walk through Boston, and its ubiquitous “not art” street art, turns the definition of art on its head.

Freakishly real drawing of a potato chip bag (video)

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You have to see the video itself, the drawing looks like you could pick up a real bag of chips.

Science, art and other neat stuff (and an open thread)

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iOS 7 is making people sick, killer hornets in China, water on Mars, humanoid robots and much more: Open thread

Some of the coolest art you’ll ever see, by Dutch artist Diet Wiegman

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Diet Wiegman makes sculptures from trash, which when a light is shone on them create shadows of stunning beauty.

The Singing Ringing Tree (video)

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The Singing Ringing Tree is a musical sculpture at Crown Point, above the town of Burnley, Lancashire, UK.
exploding christmas tree

Exploding Christmas tree as art on the National Mall

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Ah, smells like Christmas.
Paolo Cirio's street art.

Artist posts life-sized shots of people caught in Google Street View

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This is just incredibly cool. His name is Paolo Cirio.  And he’s gone through Google Street View and found photos of people inadvertently captured in the frame, blown the picture ...
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