Cops arrest black actress for kissing white boyfriend in public

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They basically accused her of being a hooker because, you know, why else would a black woman kiss a white man?

Russians “brutally” arrest former Italian member of parliament at Sochi Olympics

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Vladimir Luxuria, a trans woman, was walking around Sochi Olympics with a flag saying in Italian “Gay is okay.”
Gay Russian arrested for the crime of waving a rainbow flag in public during the Olympic flame procession in Russia.

Coke defends arrest of gay Russian human rights advocate

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Coke added it had no problem with Olympic security wearing the Coke logo while detaining human rights advocates.

Olympics staff assault gay protester in Russia for waving rainbow flag

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Pavel Lebedev was assaulted by Olympics staff for the “crime” of holding a small rainbow flag.

Racist goes off on Japanese woman on London Tube, later he’s arrested (video)

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The man has since been arrested for “suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offense.”

Kai, hatchet-wielding hitchhiker who stopped 300 pound wannabe-Jesus, arrested for murder

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Police say they’ve also found a string of unsolved homicides that parallel Kai’s travels. It’s a weird story.
Air marshall escorts woman belting out Whitney Houston's "I'll always love you" off of American Airlines flight.

AA flight emergency lands to arrest woman singing “I’ll always love you” non-stop (video)

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Oh yes, there’s video.

“We got him”- Boston Mayor Tom Menino

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Suspect 1 is dead. Suspect 2 is in custody. The Boston Marathon bombing manhunt is over.

Hospital contradicts own statement to police about arrest of gay man from partner’s bed

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New hospital statement contradicts police report, earlier hospital statements.
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