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Twitter: Threatening to burn “k*kes” in ovens is not “hateful conduct”

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The NYT’s Jonathan Weisman, is abandoning Twitter after the service refused to enforce its TOS against neo-nazis.

Donald Trump’s Jew-haters

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NYT contributor Julia Ioffe is being viciously savaged online by Trump supporters for being a Jew.
"We are one people."

Why did the Paris attack go viral, while previous attacks on Jews did not?

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Is it anti-Semitic that France hasn’t had nationwide rallies for previous victims of anti-Jewish violence?

Jews in eastern Ukraine told to register with pro-Russian forces, or else

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Sec. Kerry: “It’s not just intolerable, it’s grotesque.”

Jews brought Holocaust on themselves, says Russian state TV

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“They [Jews] also advanced the first [Holocaust].”

Thousands of right-wingers march in Paris, yelling “Jews, get out of France!”

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France’s Republican party, the UMP, and the country’s religious right, have opened a Pandora’s box of intolerance.

Reverse Nazi salute, all the rage in Europe, is now coming to America

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The salute, called “quenelle,” is especially popular at “Jewish” locations such as Auschwitz and WWII memorials.

Russian gay activist Alexeyev has huge new anti-Semitic meltdown on Facebook, Twitter

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Alexeyev calls Jews “kikes,” compares Jews to Nazi collaborators, “jewish mafia trying to overtake the world.”

Russian gay activist Alexeyev has no memory of quitting LGBT movement 4 days ago

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Alexeyev on Twitter: “I decided to leave LGBT activism. Within 24 hours this Twitter account will be closed.”
Marc Chagall's "The Fiddler."

Russia is now scapegoating Jews in its battle against gays

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What we feared might happen, has. Russia is now playing the “Jew” card in its war on gays.
Oklahoma State Rep Dennis Johnson says "Jew down the price" during floor debate.

GOP legislator talks about “Jewing down the price,” then laughs about it

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This, on the heels of GOPers calling women “vaginas,” Latinos “wetbacks,” and using the term “n*gger-rig.”
Jews forbidden sign, via Shutterstock

“Powerful Jewish forces” in America concern lead religious right group with ties to GOP

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The American Family Association has close ties to the Republican party.
Israeli flag

Remember when Romney said Israel was socialist and un-American?

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Romney to focus on Israel in tonight’s debate, after saying Israelis aren’t “individuals pursuing their dreams.”
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