Damage from Hurricane Katrina, via Wikimedia Commons

On anniversary of Katrina, former Bush aides revise history

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President Bush has a clear legacy with respect to Katrina — a bad one.
The Berlin Wall, December 3rd (or so), 1989. ©John Aravosis

The 25-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin War

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A photo essay of my visit to the Berlin Wall only a few weeks after it officially fell.

Today is AMERICAblog’s 10th anniversary

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I’d like to thank everyone who’s stood by us, and take you for a walk through some of our greatest hits.
Doctor Who - 50th small

Doctor Who after 50 years: Time Lords never truly die

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23 November 1963 – The beginning of the Doctor Who era, about to celebrate its 50th broadcast anniversary.
Sadik Gulec / Shutterstock.com

The Iraq War: Who voted for it, why you should still care (hint: Iran)

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Why do we care about the Iraq War? Because of the coming Iran War.
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