I give you: Jeb the needy sheep

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He’s the Carl DeMaio of sheep. Give him a young guy in some tight sweats and he’s all hooves.

Baby sloths squeak! (video)

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60 seconds of nothing but baby sloths squeaking. I’m in lurv.

The little elk that could (video)

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Someone in Montana filmed a huge herd of elk crossing a rural road, when one just couldn’t jump the fence…

Ireland greets its first gay penguins

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Their names are Missy and Penelope, and they’ve just settled in together for breeding season.

What to do when a baby lion steals your flip-flops

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A wonderful short video of one guy’s visit as a volunteer to a wild game preserve in South Africa.

Cool irisidescent sometimes-invisible minute sea creature (video)

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The Sapphirina copepod is only a few millimeters long.

A stunning flock of starlings (video)

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Starlings do this when there’s a predator nearby, and they’re engaging in a behavior to avoid the predator.
Skunk via Shutterstock

“You did it, you saved the skunk!”

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A sad, and ultimately heart-warming video, of a skunk on a busy street with a plastic cup stuck on its head.

Stunning video of Kevin Richardson frolicking with lions and hyenas

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Yet another wonderful video from the man many call the Lion Whisperer, Kevin Richardson.

13 y.o.’s surprisingly-moving claymation about life of slaughterhouse pig

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What a heartbreaking video for a 13 year old kid’s claymation. Well done.
Mother chimpanzee and her baby via Shutterstock

Retiring chimps are latest victims of Washington budget mess

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60 federal worker chimps were due to be retired, but now can’t, because of the ongoing budget mess in DC.

How to tickle a platypus (video)

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Video of an adorable baby platypus that apparently seriously enjoys getting tickled.

Baby otter introduced to water for the first time (video)

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There otter be a law against such cuteness.
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