Chris Christie, who’s a bully, is surprised his staff acts like bullies

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One 8 second video shows all you need to know about Chris Christie’s just-below-surface anger problem.

Top 4 Chris Christie meltdown videos

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GOP governor & 2016 presidential hopeful Chris Christie’s oversized, vindictive temper has done him in yet again.

Chris Christie shut down traffic, endangered EMT response, to punish mayor who voted for other guy

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Christie’s oversized anger-issues are the story yet again as 2016 approaches.
Photo by Dave Weigel.

The photo that might just end Chris Christie’s run for the White House

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Christie’s finger-waving “you people” screed to a teacher isn’t a glitch, it’s a feature of a very angry man.

One seriously ticked off beaver (video)

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Personally, I think he’s ticked the cat jumped off the balcony.

Mississippi bigots freak out over local paper’s coverage of 1st gay wedding in county

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Apparently, the paper failed to report that the brides had horns and spewed green slime.
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