Anderson Cooper on the guy who got stuck in the giant vagina sculpture

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“I’m certainly no expert on the topic of vaginas. I know enough to know you’re not supposed to go in feet first.”

Anderson Cooper destroys Amy Kushnir (Dallas TV lady who doesn’t like gays kissing on TV)

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“It’s okay, she was kissing strippers. It’s not like two guys who are in love or anything — that’s offensive.”

Anderson Cooper explains “journalism” to a confused congressman

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Cooper: “This is the way it works in journalism, when you’re not on Fox News you get contentious interviews.”
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Anderson Cooper talks Gaydar to Letterman (video)

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The second video is a beautiful one Yale students made for the LGBT alumni reunion next year. It’s lovely.
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Anderson Cooper blasts Star Jones for criticizing his coming out (video)

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AC: “All of a sudden, out of the blue, Star Jones said, after I sent this email coming out, that this was a ratings ploy.”
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