Me, four years and many hot takes ago.

On leaving the blogosphere for academia

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Today is my last day running AMERICAblog. Here’s why I’m ready to move on.
The Obelisk in Buenos Aires, via David Stanley / Flickr


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Some personal news: I moved! To Argentina!

Write for AMERICAblog!

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We are growing, and we want you to be a part of it. If you want to write or know someone who can, let us know!
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Transitioning at AMERICAblog

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Yesterday, John announced that, after over a decade spent working tirelessly as a leading advocate and activist in the LGBT community, he is leaving AMERICAblog to blaze new trails ...

Why I’m leaving blogging

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After 30 years in Washington, I’ve moved to New York City, taken a job with the UN, and am leaving blogging.

Today is AMERICAblog’s 10th anniversary

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I’d like to thank everyone who’s stood by us, and take you for a walk through some of our greatest hits.
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Please donate to AMERICAblog this holiday

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Advertising as a revenue model for Web sites is pretty much dead. We need your donations to keep going.
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